The Hernia Cinic
Rob Hicks and the Witty, Pask & Buckingham Physiotherapists

The aim of The Hernia Clinic is to provide a service where the surgeon, Rob Hicks and the Physiotherapy team at Witty, Pask and Buckingham Chartered Physiotherapists can work together to deliver excellence in the treatment and rehabilitation of Hernias and related conditions.

What we do at The Hernia Clinic
Our approach is to provide the complete package – Integrated Physiotherapy and Surgical assessment, Physiotherapy treatment or surgery as appropriate and a full rehabilitation programme back to work and sport from the amateur to the elite professional.
How do I know if it is a Hernia?
Sometimes the first symptom is a lump in the groin, other times it is pain or discomfort. Hernias do not account for all groin and abdominal symptoms, and certainly not all of these require surgery.  There are many injuries around the groin and abdomen that can be treated with physiotherapy alone.
It is always important to rule out other causes for groin pain, including lower back and hip  problems. This is the point where an assessment by a Physiotherapist with experience in Hernias and all the associated issues is essential. If there is a true hernia then you will be referred to Rob Hicks for a surgical opinion. If it is not a hernia the actual condition can be addressed with Physiotherapy.
What is a Hernia?
A hernia is the protrusion of a structure through the wall of the cavity containing it. In the context of this website, a hernia is simply the protrusion of bowel through a hole or weakness in the muscle layer of the wall of the abdomen.
Possible Symptoms:
  • It feels different when I run
  • I have a groin strain that keeps coming back
  • Pain has stopped me training
  • I lift something and it aches for an hour or so
  • I'm always protecting it when I do anything
  • My groin strain never seems to get completely better
  • I can jog, but kicking a ball is impossible
  • I feel tightness in the groin after training
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