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Incisional hernia
An incisional hernia occurs at the site of a previous abdominal surgical scar.  The scar weakens so that the abdominal contents can bulge through the scar.  They can be associated with any type of surgical scar, either large or small and at any site, particularly in those vertical incisions in the midline.  

Signs and Symptoms
Incisional hernias present as a lump or bulge at the site of a surgical scar.

Surgical repair is commonly advised, but not always.  Surgery may be repaired laparoscopically (keyhole) or by open technique. Prosthetic mesh repair is recommended and the mesh can be placed in a choice of positions , on-lay, sub-lay, pre-peritoneal or intra-peritoneal.  
There are some circumstances when it is preferable not to use a mesh, particularly when infection is present.  I such cases, primary surgical repair is performed but is associated with high rates of recurrence. 
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