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Rehab overview
Rehabilitation is discussed at length in the Rehab Program section in the Early advice After Surgery.

Through very careful discussion, research and experience we have developed a day by day rehabilitation schedule that covers every type of patient. The General section is designed for the majority of patients who have suffered a hernia as a result of a lifting or, for example, a gardening incident. The Sports section is designed with the amateur or Weekend Warrior in mind and pushes the fitter athlete back to fitness slightly quicker than the General section. The Elite section is for exactly that, the Elite Sportsman or woman who are in full time or near full time training and are exceptionally fit going into the rehabilitation and therefore can cope with a faster rehabilitation.

The General and Sports schedule covers 3 weeks of day by day instructions with specific running work included. The Elite takes in 4 weeks with the 4th week being a return to training.

Each section is available as you reach it by your Physio giving you the password to the section once they are happy you have met the entry criteria. You will not be able to progress unless you have reached certain targets without complication. Please go to the Rehab Login section to access the program.

Each Rehab sheet is accompanied by an Exercise sheet. These are downloadable as PDF's and the online version has links to videos of each exercise for your reference.


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