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The Rehab program
The Rehab program that follows is criteria driven. This means that the patient is only allowed to progress through the phase of exercises if there is no pain reaction to the previous work or morning stiffness the next day. This process typically takes 3 weeks, assuming there are no complications. Hernia is sometimes accompanied by other issues which require attention and this may well slow the process. Hernia surgery is often just the beginning of the issue not the end.

Phase 1
  • Immediatly post op - Unload structures to allow good initial healing
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
Phase 2
  • Return normal range of movement
  • Increase muscle strength, power and endurance
  • Progress proprioception
  • Mainly gym / home rehab exercise.
  • Linear movements



Phase 3

  • Return to normal function for work and sport
  • Must be pain free through all ranges of motion
  • Gym/ Pool/ Field based rehab
  • Linear and agility work
  • Sports Specific


Phase 4

  • Return to full training / sport / work
  • Must have completed without reaction all activities required of them for their sport / work
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