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Laparoscopic repair - TAPP

The Trans-Abdominal Pre-peritoneal Repair (TAPP), is an alternative keyhole technique for inguinal hernia repair.  With this technique  a camera is inserted into the abdominal cavity. Gas is introduced, enabling the surgeon to see the hernia sac.  The hernia is repaired using a piece of mesh which is inserted behind the muscle of the abdominal wall.

The principle advantages of this technique over open surgery are:

less post operative pain, 

a quicker recovery a

a quicker return to full physical activities.  

There is no significant difference in the recovery after TEP or TAPP repair.

What complications can occur?



Wound infection

Mesh infection


Difficulty passing urine

Atrophy of the testicle (Shrinkage)

Hernia recurrence

Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary embolus

Bowel injury



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